The Bryant Law Center is proud to announce Emily Roark’s invitation to the Litigation Counsel. Emily is humbled to be invited to the Litigation Counsel, a select group of lawyers who represent the future of the practice of law.

“I am thrilled to be selected to join this elite group of attorneys in the Litigation Counsel. I look forward to learning from the accomplished members who represent the best lawyers in our country,” says Emily.

According to the Litigation Counsel, the organization is a selective group for approximately 3,500 of the best trial lawyers. Less than one-half of one percent of attorneys in the United States are accepted into the counsel. Admission is based on legal skills, expertise, and service to clients.

“It is an honor to be recognized for my efforts and dedication to my clients. My place in the Litigation Counsel would never be possible without the trust my clients have placed in me all these years. I am sincerely grateful for every client I have been privileged to work with,” says Emily.

Through her place in the Litigation Counsel, Emily represents diversity within the organization and in the practice of law. The Litigation Counsel is committed to being “reflective of the future, not the past,” and is dedicated to inviting lawyers of all races and gender who uphold legal excellence.

“I am proud to represent the women within the Legal Counsel and all the lawyers who work hard to defend the practice of law. It’s important for the law community to be inclusive of all races and genders,” says Emily.

The Bryant Law Center congratulates Emily for her accomplishments and is elated about her invitation to the Litigation Counsel.

For more information about the Litigation Counsel, visit To learn more about Emily, read her bio.