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Looking For The Best Murray Personal Injury Attorney?

Murray Personal InjuryIt seems so unfair. In a split-second, an Automobile Accident that is not your fault can dramatically transform not only your life, but disrupt the lives of those around you, your family and loved ones. Find a Murray Personal Injury Attorney that can help you!

A random trip in Calloway County to church or school or to a ballgame could end up with you and your family in a hospital from a Personal Injury, with permanent injuries, or broken bones and trauma that can take weeks or months of rehabilitation to heal. Unfortunately, that’s just the beginning.

In the meantime, you are unable to work and face mounting worries not only to help your family heal, but to provide for them amid the daunting pressure from the onslaught of bills you will receive. Not to mention the stress and expense of having to travel to see specialists in different towns and stay on top of prescriptions and medication schedules. In many cases you have to obtain new transportation.

Bryant Law Center Is A Leading Murray Personal Injury Attorney And Wants To Help You!

That’s when you contact the Bryant Law Center to help level the playing field. We help victims of careless and negligent drivers in Murray, Ky. We have been helping accident victims in Murray and Western Kentucky for  over 25 years. Our attorneys and support staff have helped thousands of families after devastating accidents and injuries. We have investigators and former insurance claims specialists on staff.

The Bryant Law Center can negotiate this maze of legal timetables, insurance adjustors, creditors, physicians, prescriptions, accident reports, physical therapy, claim forms, medical bills plus working on getting you treated, healed and back on the job or in school. We roll up our sleeves and thoroughly review coverage to make sure insurance companies are treating your fairly and that our clients do not suffer from someone else’s negligence.

For catastrophic and brain injuries in Murray, Ky., the Bryant Law Center, will use our decades of experience to work to obtain a fair and just outcome. Whether accidents near Murray, Ky., Benton or Mayfield, involve semi-trucks or commercial delivery vehicles, or just a careless driver, the Bryant Law Center will be your advocate from start to finish.

Workmans CompensationIf you suffer an Injury On The Job in Calloway County, the Bryant Law Center’s   experienced workers compensation attorneys will strive to get you fair treatment under Kentucky law. If you have suffered work-related back, elbow or knee injuries, been exposed to hazardous chemicals or were injured in a fall or by faulty equipment, the Bryant Law Center can help you work through the complex paperwork to help get you evaluated and compensated for your injuries.

If you, your family or loved ones are victims of a car wreck or have suffered a Workplace Injury, contact the dedicated attorneys at the Bryant Law Center. Don’t put off calling a Murray Personal Injury attorney for help, it doesn’t cost you anything until we win your case!

  • Motorcycle accident
  • Commercial truck accident
  • Construction accident
  • A fall that was not your fault
  • Careless driver
  • Brain injuries
  • Head and neck injuries