It can happen in an instant. You are in your home, getting your children ready for bed and the next thing you hear is a blast rattling your windows followed by a blinding flash on the horizon. Within minutes, there are flashing red and blue lights in the street and firemen are at your door, and saying you have 15 minutes to leave because a train has derailed and exploded.At the Bryant Law Center, we are able to respond to derailments quickly. We have represented hundreds of derailment clients in Tamaroa, Illinois, West Point, Ky., and Rockford, Illinois. We know the steps to take and the experts to hire to secure fair and just compensation for derailment victims.

Railroads now dispatch agents to communities the same day of a derailment to secure releases against litigation in exchange for paying for a few meals and a night in a motel. This is done without the homeowner or evacuated resident knowing if there is long term contamination or health risks or if they will be forced to miss work or inhaled toxins, or will have to take long detours or may have suffered any psychological damage.

Victims should consult an attorney before signing any legal papers after a derailment evacuation.

Railroads are busier than ever hauling toxic, flammable cargos sometime within sight of our homes, businesses and schools. A recent surge in flammable shale oil shipments has resulted in a spike of tragic accidents like the 47 lives lost when a train incinerated a neighborhood in Canada. Oil shipments have put tens of thousands of more freight and tank cars into service.

If you are forced from your home, or lose work or have a business or personal property damaged or devalued because of a train derailment or explosion, contact the experienced derailment attorneys at the Bryant Law Center in Paducah, Ky.